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Professional Services

  • Make a meaningful impact in the community

  • Foster individual growth & leadership skills

  • Organize towards political “wins"

  • Create a healthy and safe team culture  

  • Build relationships and community power in support of organizational priorities



Life Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Group Coaching

We believe in the power of prioritizing mental health and setting healthy boundaries. Our valuable strategies and guidance will transform your life and provide the knowledge and tools necessary for you to make positive changes and create a fulfilling and purposeful existence. 

Leaders and people managers have a profound impact on individuals, teams and organizations. Through personalized coaching sessions, we will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you cultivate the essential skills and mindset needed to inspire and motivate others. You will learn to navigate challenges, communicate effectively, make informed decisions, and create an environment of growth, success and empathetic accountability. 

We understand the importance of fostering a healthy and supportive environment to drive real change in the communities you work in. You will have the opportunity to learn about each other's working styles, develop effective communication strategies, and cultivate a sense of unity and collaboration.  Create a team culture that empowers individuals and drives powerful impact in the world around us.


Workshops & Trainings

Professional Development & 
Skill Building 

We work with you to design professional development training opportunities that meet your team's needs. Some examples of training we've conducted are: 

  • Interpersonal Relationships

  • Healthy Team Culture 

  • Balancing Empathy & Accountability 

  • Community Outreach & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Authenticity and Alignment 

Community Organizing

We build a comprehensive toolkit for organizations looking to amplify their organizing goals and set their teams up for success. Some examples of trainings we've conducted are: 

  • Community Organizing ​101

  • Life Cycle of Organizing

  • Organizing Modules and Approaches

  • Building Coalitions

  • Campaign Planning 


We host retreats tailored for groups aiming to rejuvenate, rekindle connections, and engage in deep introspection. Our workshops include activities that help ignite self-discovery, offer transformative growth, and strengthen team dynamics

  • Wellness and Mindfulness

  • Leadership Retreat

  • Team Building and Collaboration 

  • Personal Growth and Self Discovery 



Team Culture & Management

Community Organizing & Advocacy

Strategic Partnership Building 

We believe that people managers should have the training and support necessary to be successful. We recognize their significant role in developing team culture and staff well-being. Objectives can include but are not limited to:

  • Adaptive Leadership 

  • Setting Team Priorities

  • Strategic Planning and Communication  

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Performance Management 

  • Empathetic Accountability  

We can be your partner for building community-inspired and community-led campaigns. We offer expert guidance and support to help you anchor your advocacy efforts on the needs of your communities including how to build a strong base, strategically doing research and building champions to help you win.

We believe that success is a collaborative effort. We'll support you and your team to think strategically about partnerships that can elevate the important work you do. External stakeholders, such as community organizations and elected officials, can have an impact on driving the change you seek. Our goal is to guide you in identifying and engaging with the right stakeholders who can become catalysts for the positive transformations you are looking to make.

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